About Us

Craven Fawcett Limited designs and manufactures a full portfolio of clay preparation machinery ranging from Box Feeders and Grinding Mills through to Mixers and Extruders.

In addition to supplying high-quality Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products and services, Craven Fawcett places great emphasis on spare part design, material selection and component finish in order to optimise production efficiency and reduce the frequency of machinery repair. Highly trained and experienced service engineers dedicated to clay preparation machinery are available at short notice to repair and maintain Craven Fawcett equipment in the field.

Craven Fawcett clay working machinery is exported throughout the world, successfully competing for international market share on the basis of design, price and build quality. Craven Fawcett Extruders are renowned for their robustness and production efficiency, operating in some of the most difficult production environments in the world.